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The magic of first love is our ignorance that it can never end

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12/7/09 12:50 pm


10/14/09 12:29 pm

Last entry. Not deleting it because I think sometime along the line I might need a reminder on what I lost. Or that no matter how bad the ending was, there was some good times, well a lot of good times and inside jokes. And while I STILL don't understand what went down or why it ended, I've made my peace with it. Its all good. Meghan Alysen Green is on to bigger and better things. Just you wait. Life is good. I have my family, my friends and FINALLY my health. But I do promise you, one day you'll look back and kick yourself because no one on this earth will ever love you and care for you as much as I did. Thats right, did.

one last thing.

Cut your losses and don’t waste your time . Why stay in some weird dating limbo when you can move on to what will surely be better territory? Don’t want to hear it? Fine. Here’s the answer you’re looking for, "Hang in there, baby. He’s not the loser everybody’s telling you he is. If you wait and keep your mouth shut and call at exactly the right time and anticipate his moods and have no expectations about communication or your own sexual needs, you can have him!" But please don’t be surprised if he dumps you or continues to drag you through a completely unsatisfying relationship.

He is a man made up entirely of your excuses. And the minute you stop making excuses for him, he will completely disappear from your life.

Don’t let the "honeys" and the "babys" fool you. His sweet nothings are exactly that. They are much easier to say than "I’m just not that into you." Remember, actions speak louder than, "There’s no cell reception where I am right now."

Calling when you say you’re going to call is the very first brick in the house you are building of love and trust. If he can’t lay this one stupid brick down, you ain’t never gonna have a house, baby. And it’s cold outside.

He will always be able to play the "friend" card on you. He only has to be responsible for the expectations of a friend, rather than the the far greater expectations of a boyfriend. He’s got the ultimate situation: a great friend with all the benefits of a girlfriend, whom he can see or not see whenever he wants to. He may be one of your closest friends, but I’m sorry to say ... as a boyfriend, he’s just not that into you.

Beware of the word "friend". It can often be used by men or the women that love them to excuse the most unfriendly behavior. Personally, when I’m picking friends, I like the ones who don’t make me cry myself to sleep.

I don’t want to be "sort of dating" someone. I don’t want to be "kinda hanging out" with someone. I don’t want to spend a lot of energy suppressing my feelings so I appear uninvolved. I want to be involved. I want to be sleeping with someone I know I’ll see again because they’ve already demonstrated to me that they’re trustworthy and honorable -- and into me.

Every man you have ever dated who has said he doesn’t want to get married or doesn’t believe in marriage, or has "issues" with marriage, will ... rest assured ... someday be married. It just will never be with you.

A man who wants to make a relationship work will move mountains to keep the woman he loves. If he’s not calling you to tell you he loves you and wants you back, it should only be because he’s showing up at your new residence to do it in person ... if he’s not doing any of that, he may love you, he may miss you, but ultimately he’s just not that into you. Stop taking his calls and let him know what it’s like to live without you.

Don’t be flattered that he misses you. He should miss you. You’re deeply missable. However, he’s still the same person who just broke up with you. Remember, the only reason he can miss you is because he’s choosing, every day, not to be with you.

It’s very tempting when you really want to be with someone to settle for much, much less -- even a vague pathetic facsimile of less -- than you would have ever imagined. Remember always what you set out to get and please don’t settle for less. These guys exist because there are a lot of women out there who allow them to.

Hey girl. Put down the penis, put your clothes back on, and go directly to your best friend’s house. Do not find an excuse to stay. Do not think that because of all the crazy hotness of it all, it now means that you’re meant to be together. Yes, break up sex does seem like a good idea, because hey, it’s nice to have sex with someone you have these dramatic feelings about. It makes it all, well, dramatic. But now you know. It confuses everything and makes you separate sex and emotions. So now you don’t ever have to make that mistake again. Got it? He’s into the very-bad-idea-that-masquerades-as-a-good-idea, breakup sex. Over and out.

Don’t underestimate the power of sex, even with someone you’ve been doing it with for a very long time. Especially with someone you’ve been doing it with for a very long time. Breaking up means not seeing them again, which also implies not seeing them naked again. It might be tempting to forget this pearl of wisdom, but just remember, it’s still called breakup sex. No one has yet to rename it oh-my-god-the-sex-was-so-good-we-got-back-together-again-and-lived-happily-ever-after sex.

Don’t confuse being classy with being a doormat. Classy is walking away with your head held high, graciously, and with all dignity. Being a doormat is offering to drive him to the dentist for his root canal.

Breakup sex still means you’re broken up.

Cut him off. Let him miss you.

He doesn’t need to be reminded that you’re great.

There’s a guy out there who’s going to be really happy that you didn’t get back together with your crappy ex-boyfriend.

Don’t give him the chance to reject you again.

No matter how powerful and real your feelings may be for someone, if that person cannot fully and honestly return them and therefore actively love you back, these feelings mean nothing.

Being lonely ... being alone ... for many people ... sucks. I get it, I get it, I get it. But still I have to say that yes, my belief is that being with somebody who makes you feel shitty or doesn’t honor the person you are is worse.

Life is hard enough as it is without choosing someone difficult to share it with.

You deserve to be with someone who is nice to you all the time.

peace =)

5/28/09 01:12 am

When there's no where else to run
Is there room for one more son
One more son
If you can hold on
If you can hold on, hold on
I wanna stand up, I wanna let go
You know, you know - no you don't, you don't
I wanna shine on in the hearts of men
I wanna mean it from the back of my broken hand

Another head aches, another heart breaks
I am so much older than I can take
And my affection, well it comes and goes
I need direction to perfection, no no no no

Help me out
Yeah, you know you got to help me out
Yeah, oh don't you put me on the back burner
You know you got to help me out, yeah

And when there's nowhere else to run
Is there room for one more son
These changes ain't changing me
The gold-hearted boy I used to be

Yeah, you know you got to help me out
Yeah, oh don't you put me on the back burner
You know you got to help me out
You're gonna bring yourself down
Yeah, you're gonna bring yourself down
Yeah, you're gonna bring yourself down

I got soul, but I'm not a soldier
I got soul, but I'm not a soldier

Yeah, you know you gotta help me out
Yeah, oh don't you put me on the back burner
You know you gotta help me out
You're gonna bring yourself down
Yeah, you're gonna bring yourself down
Yeah, oh don't you put me on the back burner
You're gonna bring yourself down
Yeah, you're gonna bring yourself down

Over and in, last call for sin
While everyone's lost, the battle is won
With all these things that I've done
All these things that I've done
Time, truth, and heart
If you can hold on
If you can hold on

4/29/09 07:45 pm


complete and total admiration,
was my gift to you.
My heart was yours.
In a year you shaped it,
sheltered it from harm,
but in one night,
you killed it.

You left me with nothing,
but memories,
Remember when you held me like you never let go.
Remember all the jokes we had,
Remember all the plans we made
Remember, thats all we can do now.
We'll never make another memory.

I thought this time it was real,
you said it was, what happened?
You were my priority, was I a convenience?
I let you see a side of me I've never shared with anyone.
Promises are just useless words unless they are fulfilled.

I told you from the start,
All i had to offer you was my heart.
I apologize that it wasn't enough.
So, we'll go our separate ways,
I hope I made an impact on you,
that you'll learn from me.

I know I learned from you.
Trust is something that I can no longer give.
My heart is gone away with you.
I just wish this story didn't end this way,
cus I'm still in love with the person who helped me write it.

yeah, i wrote it, i understand its not one of my better works.

9/14/05 04:24 pm

Post a secret. Something that you want to get off your chest. Do it anonymously, or not. Its up to you. It can be about anything.

6/6/05 10:35 am

duuuude no wayCollapse )

Edit, it should rape your page nows

5/21/05 09:10 pm

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